Whittle your weighty winter workout bag

Whittle your weighty winter workout bag

November 27, 2019

Are your winter workouts weighing you down? No–are they literally weighing you down?

If you're struggling between keeping up with your workouts and carrying your burgeoning work bag, read on! You don't need to sacrifice your fitness goals and those endorphins to save yourself from back pain!

 2 in 1 blush and lipstick

Streamline your makeup and toiletries

A ruthless cull of what you do or don't need in your winter gym bag is first on the docket! If you can substitute some of them with 2-in-1 products, do so. Nars and Bite have products that can be used as blush or lipstick. Both are cream products–a bonus for dry skin! Use your concealer for blemishes and feather it outwards across your face if you need to even out your complexion.

For toiletries, 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner or a multi-use hair styling product are great options. For skincare, try a moisturizer with added SPF!

 mini shampoo and containers

Bring minis

For your true essentials, bring a mini. If your workouts are super sweaty, decant your shampoo and conditioner. Decant the rest of your routine and go for the smallest sizes of each. Refill often to keep things fresh! Need some containers? Muji has a few great ones, including these acrylic stacking cases!

 the tote bag that you need

Have your pack work from workout to your day job

Find a bag that can hold it all–your work files, your computer, a pair of sneakers and a change of clothes. Bonus points if there are compartments for all your other gear, such as a yoga mat or water bottle.

Black, or even navy, are great choices for a work-cum-gym bag. Both hide any stains and work in a professional capacity. At the very least, they won't embarrass you when you walk into work. Don't need to carry a laptop into work? This large capacity tote is casual chic and can fit a ton of your gear–including your workout outfit and water bottle.

If you carry a laptop or prefer a professional look, this travel bag is an option. It's pricey and not even a dedicated gym bag, but it has a ton of space and great pockets. Your sneakers or sweaty gear can go in the side pocket and slip your laptop in its dedicated pocket. You can even choose which size is best for your frame. Both options are great to tote our cordless curling wand!


alternate your workout routine

Alternate your workouts

Switch up your workouts to lighten your load. You don't need to replace your favorite activity, but swap a gear-heavy workout for days where you use the free weights, treadmill or a spin class!


work desk office

Keep it at the office

If you can keep things at the office, such as your work shoes or more makeup, do that! You can bring your cordless curling wand in a work bag, or you can also keep it at work! Its slim profile can go anywhere! For those days you want to do those boxing workouts or yoga classes!

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