Weekend Project: Vanity Refresh

Weekend Project: Vanity Refresh

February 13, 2020

Get a podcast playlist set up and get ready to roll up your sleeves! We've got an easy weekend project you can tackle that will help make it easier to do self-care and make it easier to get ready in the mornings!

It’s time to tackle your vanity!

 make up clean up and organization

Set yourself up for success.

Before you touch anything, take note on your habits. What do you touch first? What do you touch the most?

Are there any places that don’t need to be changed because they already work?

For all the things that don’t work, write it all down. In detail. If it’s a laundry list of things, that’s OK! This is a weekend project, after all!

Put your things front and centre.

 If you need to have things in a certain area make sure you do so.

Aim for flow and efficiency when you’re designing your new space and grooming system. If you need your Clarisonic makeup brush near the outlet, then so be it! Our cordless curling wand doesn’t need to be placed near outlets and can be placed anywhere–but probably up front for quick access!

Unplugged Beauty Cordless Wand

The cordless curling wand has a 35-minute charge that allows you to bring it into any space. When you need to charge it, you can charge it at any convenient part of your space, like your bedside table.

Find your inspiration.

 Check your favourite accounts, design feeds and websites for digital inspiration. Or go old school by window shopping or making your own collages out of magazines.

Once you’re done, look at what elements have caught your eye to figure out what the key themes will be. Distil what would be feasible in your space. Think about the practical details like space, tech and safe storage. 

The fun part: decorating!

Bring elements from your inspiration board that you want to have the most (rank them if you’re having trouble sticking with a budget) and figure out how to incorporate them into your vanity.

Even if you’re broke AF, there’s still places where you can decorate. Think dollar store contact paper to disguise boxes you already have on hand if baskets are out of your budget.

Like thrifting, decorating doesn’t have to cost a lot. It just requires a keen eye, some elbow grease and some inspiration. And time, so don’t feel pressured to finish this within a time limit.

Use things you already have, such as your cordless curling wand, for design focal points if you need them. Ours is stylish and functional! 


 Reevaluate your space occasionally to check in with how the space is working for you. Don’t wait until you get fed up and clutter starts to creep to make a change!

Changes like sharing a space, moving or introducing new furniture are other opportunities where you can look at if your systems are still working.

Roll up your sleeves! Hopefully, your hard work will pay off on Monday morning!

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