Weekend Project: Bust out of your style-rut

Weekend Project: Bust out of your style-rut

February 27, 2020

In a bit of a lull? Changing your look, even if it's a few small tweaks, could bring big dividends to your mood and even your wallet.

It might take more than a weekend, but it’s the perfect amount of time to get started!


1. Experiment with new hairstyles. 

Play around! If you've had the same hairstyle for months–or years–plop yourself down across from a mirror and fiddle around.

Small tweaks like creating waves with your cordless curling wand before putting your hair in an updo could be enough of a change. Use its versatility to create texture. 

Buns, twists or half-dos are just a few ways to incorporate your cordless curling wand in new ways, besides leaving curls loose.

2. Create a hair mood board.

It's time to get crafty! Go old-school or hit Pinterest to see what styles, cuts and colours you gravitate to. Go one step above and think about your aesthetic and your face shape and other facial features.

This step doesn’t have to be perfect and can always evolve! Pick a few styles that you really like and practice! Bust out your cordless curling wand and make sure that you’ve got everything in its rightful place beforehand.


3. Opt for a new look.

If experimentation and inspiration aren't enough, go for a cut! Or take a baby step and book your appointment this weekend.

4. Learn how to style your new look at home. 

If you opted for a cut or salon visit this weekend, take the rest of the time to figure out how to recreate the look at home. Your new look might take some getting used to. Figure out how your hair moves and behaves after a wash and in its natural state.

Pick your stylist’s brain on how to best style your new look and break out that cordless curling wand to practice!


1. Rethink your uniform. 

If you have a uniform–of your own making–make some tweaks if you find the uniform is getting a little stale. 

2. Create a capsule wardrobe.

You don't need to get rid of all your clothes permanently, but it could be helpful to get rid of any extra choices. 

Paradoxically, creativity flourishes with a capsule wardrobe. Whittle your core pieces and have fun creating new outfits! Stick with this capsule wardrobe for a season or a few weeks and rotate core pieces in and out if you’re feeling a little bored.

3. Plan your outfits.

Use the weekend to create outfits for the following week, or the next few workdays, if you find yourself pressed for time.

4. Create a lookbook or an outfit rail. 

If you have the money and space, a rail of clothes could be the perfect way to get out of a style rut.

Place your outfits on the bed to create a lookbook or create outfits and place them on hooks behind the door.



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