The holiday beauty prep checklist for a stress-free season

The holiday beauty prep checklist for a stress-free season

December 11, 2019

Mulled wine, gift-giving, and Mariah Carey means it's already December. It also means you're probably traveling from holiday party to holiday party and other events from now through New Years.

Make like Santa and create a holiday beauty prep checklist and check it twice to keep stress at a minimum before things really start to get busy! Not sure what to include? We've left a few suggestions below to add to your beauty prep list.


how to cut your hair at home

Get a trim

The easiest, but not necessarily cheapest, way to look chic and polished is with hair. Even a quick trim will work wonders. For simple jobs like that, bust out those scissors and do it at home. Not confident? There's an article for that!

Go to a pro if you're wanting to overhaul your bangs or if you've got color-treated hair that's showing considerable damage. Holiday hairstyles require more heat styling, and damage on top of damaged hair is going to make your hair raggedy and a pain to style.

Starting with hair that already has a good foundation is going to keep holiday styling from being a major pain!


make up kit essentials

Create a transitional makeup kit

This is more than what you'd bring to work or school to touch up through the day. More than the gym kit you use, even.

Keep your transitional makeup kit streamlined by focusing on one or two statement looks. Not only are you saving space in your bag, but a lot of time getting ready. Have a few standout products in your bag, like a pair of false lashes and glue; a glittery eyeshadow; a smokey eye quad or a bold lipstick.

While not a makeup item, our cordless curling wand is an indispensable tool to elevate a look from daytime to party time.


go-to outfits for the holidays

Prepare go-to outfits

Have great basics that you can build on. Something nice and sleek that can work as a foundation for your entire look. Have a few go-to pieces that you wear to work and school that you can change up for the evening. If you want to go full-on formal, check out the rental fashion market in your area.


holiday accessories

Elevate with accessories

Little details matter and can take outfits to another level. Think jewelry, hair accessories and shoes. A good clutch or evening bag is a great way to bring an outfit into an evening function.

Think about swapping other details or adding them like a belt. A great belt can even act as statement jewelry. The key is to keep everything else relatively minimal.

Shoes are a great option. Switch to a fancy pair of heels or flats when you're ready to clock out. Keep them in your office if you're planning on having more events to attend. If flats are more your thing or you don't want to keep switching between different pairs of shoes, try shoe accessories. Shoe clips are a great and inexpensive way to update an outfit. Find them on Etsy, thrift, consignment or vintage shops.



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