The edited hair care kit

The edited hair care kit

October 17, 2019

Capsule wardrobe? Check!
Essential skincare kit? Yeah!
Emergency makeup kit? Of course!

hair kit
Capsule hair kit? What, never heard of it?!
Yeah, it’s the one thing you’re probably missing from your highly edited, organized life.

The capsule hair kit is the backbone of every great hair day. What are your essentials? Those are what you should put in a capsule hair kit!
That new hair mask untouched on your dresser? Give that a pass.


hair brush

Great hairbrush or comb

An investment in a great tool doesn’t have to cost a lot. Have a brush, comb or both! A boar bristle brush and detangling comb are good for most hair types. A wide-toothed comb is good for thick or curly hair.


A curling wand

For extra points go for a cordless curling wand. Our curling wand can work without wires for 40 minutes fully charged. That's enough time to do your hair and then some!
The 1" barrel can deliver natural, springy curls. Looking for beach waves? Our cordless curling wand can deliver without the salt and sandy bum!

bobby pins, hair ties

Bobby pins, hairpins, and elastics

These things seem to either multiply like no other or vanish through your fingers when you need them. Stock up on what you need in this category and then some!
Don’t have long hair? These come in handy, anyway. (Looking at you, bangs!)

best hair products 2019
Standout hair products

They may not be your favorite–especially if it’s medicated dandruff shampoo–but they do make your hair look fresh AF. Whatever shampoo, conditioner, serum or styling products make your hair look great should be here. Dry shampoo? Yeah, throw that in too!


makeup headband
Functional headbands or clips

These are strictly for hairstyling and applying makeup or skincare. The terry cloth kind or the ones with cute cat ears. You know the ones!


save money
Save money
Haircare can add up. Haircuts, trims, salon visits, dye–add it into all the things you have to use daily and it's an amount that can overwhelm a person.

With dedicated products, you save time and money.

how to save space on your traveling bag
Save space

Do you have limited shelving space, closet space or space in general? A capsule hair kit can save on precious space that could be put to better use.

how to minimize bad hair days
Minimize bad hair days and skin allergies

Ever have a case of bacne? (It happens, we don’t judge!) It might have been your body wash, but it could also have been your shampoo or conditioner. Relying on a handful of ride or die products drastically reduces the likelihood of skin allergies, irritations or other adverse effects.


how to pack for vacations
Great for travel

Don't let packing be any harder than it has to be! A compact hair care kit can make travel a breeze. Whether you're packing up your life or packing for a holiday, make sure great hair is your constant companion!

And for short trips, toting around a cordless curling wand is a bonus!

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