Snap your way to better selfies

Snap your way to better selfies

January 09, 2020

Better selfies in 2020 seems like a weird, if frivolous, resolution. But is it, really? It's such an integral part of social media and putting your best face forward could mean new opportunities in love, work, and relationships!

Read on below for some easy tips for better photos in fewer shots!

tips to better selfies: know your pose

Learn which poses suit you best

If you've ever been shot from below and a double chin magically appeared, you know angles are everything!

Figuring out which poses you look good at doesn't have to take much work or look like you're modeling. Even just knowing which side you like to be shot at can be enough! Scroll through some of your past photos to see what angles you like best.


tips to better selfies: find an outfit that suits you

Learn which outfits and colours look great on you

If you're doing a full body shot, consider your outfit. Wear what makes you feel comfortable in and like.

Colouring is just as important! Figure out which colours make your features pop and which ones make you look tired and washed out. Avoid the latter at all costs!

In those past photos, check what clothing items you gravitate towards. Need some outfit inspiration? Try searching for styling techniques on Youtube and Pinterest on how to wear the things you've got in new ways.


tips to better selfies: make sure your makeup and hair is always flawless

Think about your makeup and hair

This might be obvious to you–especially if you've found a selfie of yourself with your face and body two different skin tones. (Flashback is no one's friend!)

Avoid major mistakes like your hair covering your neck completely. Experiment with looks that would look the best on you. Think flattering haircuts and hairstyles. Our cordless curling wand can create a variety of looks from relaxed waves, beach waves and full curls!


tips to better selfies: pick a nice background

Think about the backgrounds

Not everyone can take all their selfies at the Museum of Ice Cream. Still, good selfies are always in front of great backgrounds. It doesn't have to be visually interesting–though that can help! Check your city for cool street art, public murals and nice backdrops.

Great backgrounds don't detract or distract from you. A good background can be something that's plain or just less busy.

A cool mural that's got too much going on can be just as bad a background as the kids photobombing you from behind a busy pier.

Juxtaposition makes for great selfies, too! Just make sure that it doesn't clash too much with your look.


tips to better selfies: know with photo editing app to use

Rethink your apps

If the default camera isn't cutting it, try the app stores!

Retrica (Play, iOS), VSCO (Play, iOS) and Snapseed (Play, iOS) are great choices for free camera and editing apps.

Lightroom (Play, iOS) is a great app, albeit not free. Skip this one if you're not a photographer or save it for after a holiday where you go ham on selfies.


tips to better selfies: always use a ring light

Don't forget the ring light!

Great light can forgive many things. Amazon has great mobile ring light options that don't break the bank.

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