Short style strategies

Short style strategies

March 11, 2020

Styling short hair can be really challenging, but it’s not impossible! Gather your supplies and we’ll talk about how to tackle–or avoid–some sticky issues for short hair!




Accidents can happen with short hair! 

Use your cordless curling wand with a glove to keep fingers from singeing. It’s good to wear one with whatever length of hair you have, but essential for lobs or shorter!


Working without wires means you have fewer chances of inadvertently burning yourself. And at under 250 g, it’s lightweight too!


Still, other places to be cautious of while styling are the scalp–for the same reason–and the face and neck!




Big beach waves can look out of place with short hair. Its volume might be too much and look incomplete.


Experiment with what looks will flatter your hair length.


Short Hair


Keep curls and waves in proportion with the length of your hair. Tighter spirals, full curls or barely-there textured waves look great on chin-length hair.


Need some direction? Slightly tousled curls or waves looks especially great with shorter lengths! Style it with a simple, tailored look and minimal makeup to get a cool juxtaposition.

The 1” barrel of our cordless curling wand is versatile and can create a diversity of looks.


It can be used on shorter lengths and can keep pace with you when–or if–you decide to grow it out.




Piecey layers around the sides of your face highlight, but might be hard to style. A headband or scarf in between some face-framing waves is a quick, casual look.


If you’ve got bangs, accessories are you friend! Try regular hairpins if you want to fly under the radar. Acetate hairpins and clips also keep your fringe out of your face and add some fun into your outfit!


Pinning is also a great strategy if you find yourself with a cowlick near your face that you can’t style!


For the other cowlicks near your crown or at the back of your head, try masking it with some tousled waves!




Use the cordless curling wand close to the root rather than the ends for a longer lasting curl.


A few seconds will do the trick–the titanium barrel of our curling wand heats and styles quickly.


To add in extra volume, backcomb or tousle the roots once curls have set and cooled.




With shorter lengths, it might seem like you’re limited. Give regular styles some oomph and visual interest by creating waves or curls before you tie your hair up. Even a basic low pony or half-do can be chic!


Five minutes with our cordless curling wand–if that–can quickly elevate your look. It’s like tucking your t-shirt in your jeans–it didn’t take long, it wasn’t anything special but it took you from basic to chic in no time!












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