Self-Care Sunday? Spend some time unplugged!

Self-Care Sunday? Spend some time unplugged!

October 30, 2019

If you didn't take a photo of it, did it really happen? Yes, but you probably missed out on a lot of comments on the 'gram. Brief hiatuses from technology are great for our wellbeing. It's a cheap way to do self-care with a host of benefits. But easier said than done. If you feel your anxiety rise, overwhelm approach, or you stress shop–step away from your devices and spend time IRL.

Wean yourself into it by banning tech an hour before bed and after you rise. Keep mealtimes and social times screen-free. Slowly amp up to a few hours in the evening. If you would rather dive right in, make it a challenge to lay off technology for one day a week, or take the whole weekend offline.


reading as a part of your self-care routine


Diving into a story can be more compelling than a reality TV show. It also boosts your concentration, improves focus, and strengthens empathy. Getting lost in a book doesn't have to be a solitary activity. Joining a book club can hit multiple birds with one stone: read more books, unplug, meet new people and socialize.


spending more time with your family and friends


Getting out of the house and spending time with your loved ones or meeting new people is excellent for your mental and physical health. Meetups, date nights, or time with your girlfriends can be relaxing and rewarding. A quick twenty minutes with our cordless curling wand can keep you looking polished and ready to go in a flash.

It's technically a tech-free day since it's cordless. Just charge it the night before!


spa time


Unplug by taking a few hours, a day or the whole weekend to do some serious self-care. The stereotypical Instagram or Pinterest type of self-care.  Make sure you really relish in it, whether it's a fancy trip to the spa, a long bubble bath, or an at-home facial. It might be hard to fit these things in every week, or even a few times in the year, so enjoy it guilt-free!


organizing the house


If relaxing is hard, switching off to a task you've been putting off can be therapeutic. Organizing your junk drawer, closet, or toiletries can pay dividends down the line. It can even be creative! Once you've got your possessions pared-down, start playing with what you've got.

Create face charts of makeup looks or experiment for fun. Create a lookbook of new outfit combinations and play with new hairstyles. Our cordless curling wand is pretty versatile, and you're only limited to your imagination!


blue light technology and how it affects your sleep


Blue light from technology can really mess up sleep schedules. If you're finding yourself tired after scrolling through your Instagram feed, this is why. Take a few hours to sleep in on your tech day off or put in a few naps. You might find yourself sleeping better the day of your tech-free experiment or after you've instituted evening technology bans.

With anecdotal evidence like that, it'll be easy to step away!

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