Pro shopping tips for the curling wand of your dreams

Pro shopping tips for the curling wand of your dreams

October 23, 2019

On the lookout for a new curling iron? If only it was as easy as choosing a new lipstick!

They say buy smart, so we've made the process a little easier for you! You know what they say–buying smart once will prevent headaches, buyer's remorse or bad hair days down the line!


woman on the go


As modern women, we're constantly on the move. As such, we don't think you should be tethered to your bathroom or a random power outlet. Look for a curling iron that can give you that freedom to move!

Unfortunately, cordless curling wands are still hard to find in this day and age. Finding one can be hard and potentially more hassle than it’s worth. Our cordless curling wand is low-maintenance: charge it via its wall charger. It should be good to go for up to 40 minutes!


effortless beach waves


One of the main requirements should be to find a curling wand that can do the majority of the looks you love. If it's going to be your only hair tool, this should be in the top three criteria. Unplugged Beauty's cordless curling wand has a 1" barrel which will work on a variety of hair textures on medium-length to long hair.

As far as looks go, the curling wand can be used to create polished, glamorous curls and effortless beach waves.


 cordless curling wand


Finding a decent curling wand under $200 might seem impossible. We've got you! The Unplugged Beauty cordless curling wand is under $100 (~$130 CDN) and packed with features. The titanium-coated barrel heats up to 400ºF, is dual voltage and can be fully charged in under 3 hours.

Time is money, after all!

 travel friendly curling wand


Traveling any time soon? Finding a dual voltage curling iron is a big plus, whether living out of your suitcase is a part of your lifestyle–or you'd like it to be!

There aren't very many things that can put a damper on your holiday than losing your curling wand to a failed converter or faulty wiring from the ancient estate you're staying at. (It happens!)

Just don't forget to bring the right adapters!

Not traveling to far-flung places? Even if you're just travelling from the gym to work, the curling wand's small profile can stow away in a medium-sized bag.


tote handbag


Want to tote your curling wand in your…tote? Tote-ally possible!

Our cordless curling wand is approximately 280 g. Even with a protective sleeve, it likely won't weigh more than 500 g. That's significantly lighter than a laptop and on par with a tablet.

It’s also good news for those who want to permanently stow a curling iron in their work tote, gym bag or backpack. Say goodbye to achy shoulders and low back pain!

If you're traveling, you no longer need to feel guilty about taking one more thing along or worry about carry-on weight restrictions. You can feel better about those extra toiletries and outfits now!

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