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Off-duty Valentine's Day Style

February 05, 2020

Valentine’s Day, the difficulty level ratchets up a few notches.

Get ready for date night with a few easy steps! 

outfit ideas for valentine's day

Switch up your outfit

If you and your partner aren’t the fancy dinner type, that doesn't mean you can't dress up! Elevate a casual outfit by playing with texture. Make your basics visually interesting and mix silky fabrics with more textured, cuddly materials.

A sheath dress is a great foundation for romantic dinner dates. Changing your sweater or going without are easy ways to transition to date night without much effort!


hair style ideas for valentine's day

Go for easy and romantic curls or waves

Even if you don’t have a Mary Poppins-sized bag, you can feel like Mary Poppins and be ready for anything with our cordless curling wand. The wand is portable enough to fit in your work tote and powerful enough for you to duck into the bathroom to quickly transform before your date. 

Unplugged beauty cordless curling wand 30% off valentine's day sale

Not sure if your curling wand is up to the challenge? We’re having a Valentine’s Day promotion on our cordless curling wand! Get 30 per cent off on our cordless curling wand with VDAY30. Think of it as an early Valentine's Day gift from you–to you!

Date night shouldn't be stressful. Whether you're working with spiral curls, full waves or barely there waves make sure you're going for a style you feel comfortable with so you can be present with your partner and enjoy your night! Whatever your look, our cordless curling wand can create it in less than 40 minutes!


how to dress for a date 

 Accessories are everything

Opt for a smaller purse or some fun heels to get ready. A belt can be a game changer–defining your waist while making a statement! If you can, ditch the bag and work shoes at the office. You can bring them back home on Monday!

Don’t forget about hair accessories! Subtle details can help transition your outfit, bring attention to your face and don't take up a whole lot of bulk in your bag. Switching out your statement necklace for a delicate chain can also help subtly transition an outfit.

Consider what small swaps you can implement if an outfit change just isn't in the cards. 

 best perfume gifts for valentine's day

Don't forget your scent!

If you're a scent person, you already know that perfume is powerful.

Not only will your scent dramatically shift you from work to date mode, it can be an easy way to change it up without changing much. A few spritzes in your hair, on your clothes or in the air can be a subtle way to get date night ready! Save the spritzing for after work or once classes are finished. Scents can be distracting. 

 how to get ready for a date after work

Leave work at the office

Take the transition time to mentally prepare for your date. Even if there was a work snafu, set it aside for the night and have fun. You can mull that problem over the weekend!

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