New Year, New You

New Year, New You

December 31, 2019

After you've ushered in the new year with style, it's time to revisit those resolutions you made!

Need to make them manageable and achievable? Here are a few suggestions to keeping some common resolutions. Here's to moving forward!



write a journal

Write everything down

Also: have a home for everything. 

 have a daily routine

Create an evening routine

The best way to get ahead in the morning is with an evening routine. Take the time to meal prep, review what you need to do the next day and get a good night’s sleep!


prepare your outfit the day before 

Create a prep station to get ready

A prep station will help you feel like you're winning at life–especially when you've slept in but still managed to show up to work on time and with a full belly!

Make things easy by having clothes, shoes and makeup all laid out in advance. Don’t forget your hair and your cordless curling wand!


WANT TO GET SWOL? daily excercise

Don't sign up for a gym–unless you want to.

Save your money by forgoing a membership.

Find something you like doing or have to do. Try walking more and gradually extend how long you're walking. If you already know you like volleyball or dance, make 2020 the year you join a club, a class or a team!

Not sure what you want to do? Try ClassPass and trial passes at yoga or spin studios to figure out what you like! 

 organize the night before

Gather your equipment

Once you find the thing that you love doing, make a kit and put it front and centre. If you're a morning person, have all your stuff right by the door.

If you like working out after or during work, create an ultra light exercise kit you can take with you.


reward yourself

Reward yourself with milestones

Whatever you want–a cupcake, a guilt-free brunch with friends or a new curling wand–can be at the reward for keeping up your exercise streak, completing a Whole 30 challenge or accomplishing another goal!



prepare your bag the night before

Prep your bag and clothes the night before.

It's hard to focus on anything but the bare minimum when you’re coming into work frazzled. You'll be more productive, think more creatively and make more contributions to your team without the stress.

If you want to get ahead, it helps to look the part. Details matter: think about your makeup, jewellery, shoes and hair. Keep nice shoes, a small makeup bag and your curling wand in a drawer at work especially for face-to-face meetings with the boss!


Put the work in

Create opportunities for you to take more responsibility. Speak up in meetings, volunteer for more duties and build on your skills. Go to conferences, keep your credentials up to date and keep up with emerging trends in your industry. 

 make friends

Make friends

Networking can be a dirty word to a lot of people, but it's necessary. To get out of that sleazy sales space, try making yourself of service! The change in mindset will do wonders!

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