How to keep your curls going and going (and going)

How to keep your curls going and going (and going)

February 03, 2020

If your curls are coming out with much to be desired, the good news is there's always room for improvement! There are a lot of little reasons why your waves or curls might not becoming out quite right or last as long.

Read on for some simple tweaks to amp up your curls! 

 hair sectioning clips

Section well

Alligator or duckbill clips are essential for styling any length of hair. Use the clips while curling your hair to separate hair in sections and clip curled sections back to your scalp as you wait for them to cool.

Clipping them back to your head eliminates the urge to touch them. You can muss and break up your curls for a more casual look before you set your hair with hairspray.

Aim for equal sections. Make sure that you get an appropriate amount of hair per section to avoid any wonky areas.


unplugged beauty cordless curling wand 

Use the whole barrel

Use the length of the wand or curling iron to get a better and even curl. If you find that your curls or waves are uneven, it could be that there's too much hair placed on one specific area of the barrel.

Unplugged's cordless curling wand has a titanium barrel that provides an even distribution of heat. Ensure that there's a thin layer of hair spread evenly along the length of the wand and you'll get a nicer, even and long-lasting curl. 

 curling wand that reaches 400 degrees fahrenheit

Use the temperature range that works for your hair type

Like a universal foundation shade, a universal temperature for heat treating hair does not exist. If you've got fine or damaged hair, try a lower temperature range. Start off around the 250-300ºF range and experiment. If you're using a lower temperature and you find it's taking a long time or not curling effectively, increase the temperature slowly until you find your sweet spot. Working with a low temperature for a long time isn't just ineffective–it can also cause unnecessary damage.

Normal or thick hair types can go with a higher temperature. Start with 350ºF and work up to your perfect temperature. Our cordless curling wand can reach up to 400ºF but it's not necessary to start at the maximum temperature right out of the gate.


how to get perfect curls for days

Flip for volume

This tip won't necessarily make your curls last, but it will make them markedly better. Unfurl your curls and flip your hair from side to side or upside down to add instant, product-free volume.

 use hair spray to set your curls

Set it well

If your curls are looking less than fresh, it might have nothing to do with your technique and everything to do with your product. If you have fine hair–especially fine and thin hair–it's really important for your finishing spray to be lightweight. A heavier spray will feel uncomfortable and weigh you down.

Drugstore options such as Elnett Satin Strong Hold Hairspray are great choices. A texture spray like the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray could work as a great setting spray–especially if you’d like to boost volume.

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