Hair remedies on a budget

Hair remedies on a budget

March 20, 2020

Is your hair care routine missing something? They can be the key to troubleshooting your hair issue! Hair serums, like their skincare cousins, can fix or improve any hair conditions. And like skincare serums, they don’t all have to cost an arm and a leg to prove effective! 

Serums are highly concentrated so start with less and work it into the hair and scalp. It’s harder to subtract than add–so start with a few drops

We’ve linked a few of our favourite hair serums from our retail partners: Macy’s, Target, Hudson’s Bay, TSC and Bed Bath and Beyond (US)!

While their storefronts are closed for now, their online shops are always open! During this time of social distancing, please support your local stores by buying online and stay safe!

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Below are a few of our favourite budget serums for some of the most common hair conundrums!

A serum to fake fuller hair

Elizabeth Grant Japanese Oil Hair Care Hair Densifying Serum contains tsubaki oil, an ancient Japanese beauty secret for hair and skin. This beauty oil combines with modern ingredients to create a serum for a fuller-looking head of hair.

Used before styling, the serum helps to add shine and de-frizz.

The OG frizz fighter

Clocking in at less than $10 is John Frieda’s Frizz Ease is one of the original frizz-fighting hair serums. This serum nourishes hair and can, when used before styling, protect hair from heat damage. If this just doesn’t cut it, Frizz Ease also comes in an extra strength version.

A conditioning hair serum that feels like nothing

Ghost Oil is a weightless hair serum that conditions, de-frizzes and smooths hair of any texture. Its blend of moringa, rice bran and argan oils deeply nourish and its light viscosity works on thin and fine hair.

The 2 fl oz size is perfect for stowing in your bag and in your carry-on!

The split end soother

While this won’t completely fix split ends, the Strength Cure Split End Salve serum can mask that until you can sit down and get a trim.

The serum is also great for colour-treated hair!

A serum that’s a hair growth hero

Dry, brittle hair can use this cleanly-formulated serum to grow hair. This highly nourishing serum contains honey, coconut and sesame oil transforms dry hair to moisturized, silky hair.

The nourishing combination of ingredients in the Cocoa Nibs & Honey Ultimate Growth Serum fortifies hair. Goodbye brittle breakage!

Serums for your scalp

The Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density is a unique scalp treatment to stimulate strong, healthy hair. Massage without rinsing and apply the treatment daily.

Like most things from The Ordinary, this serum won’t break the bank–it’s under $20!

If you’re facing dry scalp, try the hydrating Papaya Castor Scalp Massaging Serum. It’s highly nourishing with castor seed, mango butter and aloe vera.




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