Hair hacks for the time-strapped

Hair hacks for the time-strapped

March 13, 2020

If your quick routine is still taking too long, we’ve got you! Even if you’ve got the time but you’re short on ideas, use these quick hair tweaks to take your look to the next level.

All in less than 10 minutes!


  1. Switch your part.

It's such a simple step that people tend to forget. If you’re used to wearing your hair on one side, switch to the other side or do a centre part.

Even if you’re not switching sides, switching where your part might be all you need to change!

  1. Vary your curls.


Try playing with widths when you curl your hair. Our cordless curling wand has a uniform 1” barrel and can be used to make very wide curls to narrow curls.

Go one step further by playing with twisting strands before you wind it around the barrel to curl. These simple steps take less than a minute but can make a big impact!


Alternating the direction you wrap your hair around the barrel is a super subtle way to add visual interest. It also looks way more natural!

  1. Refresh your hair midday with curls.

Is your hair limping by the end of a long day?

If the ends of your hair aren’t looking as polished halfway into your workday, take five minutes to curl the ends and be good to go!

A quick wrap of the ends of your hair around a cordless curling wand will hide any unruly strands. 

For those days you’re travelling very light, carry a few hair ties to brush your hair in a quick bun, pony or braid. It’ll make you look that much more put together, so keep that in mind the minutes before face time with the boss, your clients or before you snap a selfie!  

  1. Be scent-sational.

Sometimes your hair can look great, but there’s still something missing. If you can’t put your finger on it, try some hair perfume!

For hair-specific scents, we like Instagram favourite Gisou’s Honey Infused hair perfume. If you want to use your regular perfume on your hair, mist your brush with the perfume before combing it through hair. It’s a great summer alternative to wearing scents on your skin, which could cause sunburn.

A few light spritzes in your hair is a quick way to add some oomph without effort.

Because it’s the details that matter. 

  1. A quick trim.

Okay, we're cheating a little here, but hear us out! Ducking in to see your hairdresser for 20 minutes might seem counterintuitive, but it’s a quick refresh compared to getting the works at a salon or even a cut.

Don’t underestimate the effect of chopping off raggedy ends for levelling up your look. A 20 minute investment can save a ton of time in getting ready.

If you’re thrifty and talented, pick up some shears and do it yourself! Cutting a few centimetres from your ends will do wonders.

Don’t forget your bangs! Even if you're growing them out, cutting your bangs will help them look more polished!

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