Financially hungover? Try the no buy year!

Financially hungover? Try the no buy year!

January 16, 2020

Feeling a bit delicate?

Is a financial hangover from the holidays following you into the new year? If last year was a spendy one, a spending ban might be just the thing to keep you on track! A month or two might be all you need, along with a budget, to get you on track. But if you want to be ambitious, try a no buy year!

The no buy year has a dedicated following online and even has its own online community. Embarking on a no buy is completely customizable! Choose your hard lines, exceptions, low buy categories and how long you want to keep it up.

To ease you into this process, we have a few tips to make the no buy year fun–not a punishment!


learn how to use your beauty products in different ways 

Learn different beauty techniques

Keep your mind occupied and mindless shopping from boredom at bay by learning a few techniques to make you look and feel better without spending a dime. Spending a few hours practicing how to do a perfect cut crease or mastering your gel eyeliner is time well spent!

Don't forget hair and nails–experiment with nail art, learn how to refresh your curls with a hair dryer and learn how to vary the styles of curls and waves you can get with your curling wand!


finish your current beauty products to save money! 

Challenge yourself

To make things go faster, try a project pan. Commit to finishing, or panning, products before opening new ones. Or at least try to put a dent into some of your products.

If a year-long pan is too long, try a shorter length of time or hitting a target number. 20 in 2020, anyone?


 learn how to create beachy waves with a curling wand


Get out of a style rut and try something new! Trawl through Pinterest and Instagram to find your style inspirations. Recreate the look with what you have. Our cordless curling wand can help you create those beachy waves or the full curls that your faves are wearing!


create a color palette that will fit your style 

Create a palette

Hankering for new makeup? If you're feeling bored but ambitious, de-pot your makeup to create a custom palette.

Spend an afternoon with a de-potting tool or a candle to separate your pans from its packaging. Create your new palette based on your mood and colour story.


how to use your cordless curling wand in different ways 

Look at your products in new ways

Are you always using your highlighter the same way? Figuring out more ways to use what you have adds more value to your collection and can help you decide what you truly need.

For things that aren't consumable, like your tools, see how you can use them in other ways

Use our cordless curling wand to create curls of various textures. Experiment with wrapping your hair normally around the wand and twisting it before you apply it to the wand. Or try experimenting with holding it vertically and horizontally to see how many nuanced looks you can create!

The possibilities are only limited to your imagination!

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