Down to the wire: A last-minute gift guide

Down to the wire: A last-minute gift guide

December 23, 2019

It's officially 2 days until Christmas and you've likely missed the chance to send things through the mail on time to your loved ones.


last minute holiday gift

The tech toy on their wish list

Does your friend or family member want something on their tech wish list? Chances are you can grab it off of Amazon or Best Buy!

Smart home assistants like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, Bluetooth speakers, headphones or another pair of AirPods for the friend who constantly loses them are great options that are easy enough to pick up or order online! 

cordless curling wand

A cordless curling wand

Take advantage of the behemoth that is Amazon's selection and pick up our cordless curling wand!

Don't want to wait for Prime shipping? Find it in-store at Bed Bath and Beyond, Hudson's Bay stores and Target!


gift card

Gift cards
Gift cards are a controversial present. There are some who think it's a lazy cop-out, but some people really appreciate the freedom to choose their own gift! 
online subscription for christmas present
Similar to above, gift the gift of subscriptions. Treat your loved one to a few months or a year of their favourite magazine, their favourite streaming service or favourite salon!

Give the parent of a toddler a few months of Disney+ and they’ll thank you for the quiet car rides! 

christmas cookies

No one will say no to cookies, chocolate or wine. Give your loved one some of their favourites!
Bonus points if you can create a basket! A good morning basket with a mug, their favourite coffee, tea or pods is a great gift that takes no time to package and can be picked up last-minute!

Want to skip the dreaded wrapping process? Select consumables with cute packaging: think nice tins, kitschy or clean packaging. Leave it as is or stick a bow on it and slip it into a gift bag.

Don't have time to make a basket? Try their favourite stores and brands. Local companies might already have readymade sets available!

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