Curl cures for all that ails you

Curl cures for all that ails you

November 09, 2019

Have your curls got you down? If your curls are looking lackluster, here are a few of our tips to get those curls and waves in tip-top shape!

Let's clear the most obvious hurdle right off the top. If you've got a great heat tool, you're halfway to a great hair day! It just might be that you need a new approach to get the curls that you want.

If your curling wand is breaking down and you're due for a new one, may we recommend our cordless curling wand? Its 1" titanium barrel can deliver a lot of looks and is a good size for most hair lengths!


frizzy hair curls

 Slay frizz in its tracks

If your curls frizz up, it could be sheer bad luck, humidity, or a host of other issues. Try a hair serum before you put heat protectant and style as normal.


release the hair curl gently

Release your curls gently

Slip your curls out from under the curling wand or straightener with care. If you're using a curling wand, gently release your hair while carefully releasing the wand.


let the hair curls cool off

Cool off!

Try not to touch your hair until after its cooled. The heat needs to work its magic. Touching your waves while hair is still hot will ruin its shape. Hair is malleable with heat, so keep it in the shape you prefer and stay hands-off. 

Unless it's what you're going for, don't try to tease or comb through just yet!


don't stretch the hair curl

Don't stretch your curls out

Not touching your curled hair is ideal but, if you have to touch them, support and cup them to maintain their shape. Stretching your curls or tugging them down is going to loosen the curl.

Tighter waves are going to be last a lot longer, so if you find your waves wilting in a few hours, this might be why!


hair products to prolong hairstyle

Get your style products straight!

Re-evaluate your hairspray. If you find your curls collapsing pretty quickly, the hairspray might be too heavy for your hair texture. Find a hairspray that works for your hair type and one that lasts for as long as you like.

Finding one that doesn't leave your hair with residue can also be a factor. Elnett is a great hairspray for longevity; helmet hair not included!


refresh your hair curls

Restyle right

Want to refresh your curls the next morning? If you have some natural texture to your hair, dampen the strands. A spray bottle would come in clutch here. Use a sea salt spray or texture spray to scrunch waves or curls back into place. If your hair is really damp, set with a gel over a hairspray.

If you need to go in and work the heat tool to refresh the curls, think strategically. Frequent heat styling isn't great for hair so, if you can, take the next day off!

And there you have it! Hopefully, these tips will lead to more beautiful, bouncy beach waves!

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