Beauty budget breakdown

Beauty budget breakdown

January 22, 2020

Need to rein it in financially? Last week we talked about a no buy–a drastic measure to get ahold of your beauty spending. If a no buy is not possible-or appealing-to you, try a low buy!

The low buy, no buy's easygoing cousin, can only work with a budget. Get ready to break your beauty budget down step by step.


 how to save on beauty product essentials for winter 2020

What are your essentials?

Take a multi-pronged approach if you're blanking on what you need.

Gather all your stuff together and separate them from your least to most used. The things you love looking at but don't use are not essentials! Round up your go to products and separate them from the rest.

Next, look at your list of favourites and estimate how frequently you go through each item. To make things super accurate, go through your bank statements and receipts. Shop at Sephora often? Log into your account to check your purchase history to see how much you spent and how often your repurchased items!


beauty products dupes 

What can you splurge on? What can you save on?

If it's a category that's an essential, see how often you go through products.

If you have a stand-out product that's a bit pricey, see how much it would cost you a year. If you're comfortable with the amount, keep it! Did you run the numbers and feel queasy? See if you can find a cheaper alternative. Shop around and find one you like. Use that from now on or alternate with your go-to to stretch your dollar.

Save on, or even drop, categories that you use rarely or even forget to use.


Basic categories to save and spend


save on cleansers, spend more on targeted treatments for skin

Splurge: targeted treatments

Save: cleansers and moisturizers

Going for top-of-the-line cleansers and moisturizers aren't necessary. Drugstore brands make solid basics that work for even sensitive skins! While brands like The Ordinary have decent serums and targeted treatments, some formulations are pricier. Do not go for the cheapest Vitamin C or Retinol, which might do more harm than good for your skin.


best cordless curling wand 2020

Splurge: hair tools

Save: shampoo and conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner are used often in such great quantities that it makes sense to find a good drugstore option. On the other hand, make sure your tool is something you'll be able to depend on for longer than a few months or a year.

The Unplugged cordless curling wand is dependable, versatile and easy to use! Its dual-voltage and wireless capabilities means that this the only curling wand you'll need! The titanium barrel delivers high-temperature heat along its length, making professional-quality curls possible without the salon price!


best make-up base 2020 

Splurge: base products

Save: mascara

Great Lash and Volum'Express are a few of the mascara gems at the drugstore. Finding base products can be tricky so be prepared to spend more to find a base that works well with your skin type and skin tone.


budget journal for 2020 

Re-evaluate periodically

Your budget should always be in flow, not set in stone. Adjust when you need to!

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