A gift guide for the smart and beautiful

A gift guide for the smart and beautiful

December 16, 2019

Giving gifts to a beauty enthusiast is the hardest thing to do. They're often picky and probably already have that must have palette you were thinking of getting them. Treat the beauty lover in your life to something they might not already have: a smart beauty tool!


cordless curling wand 

For the woman on the go

For the woman who wants to look put together in under 15 minutes, we've got our very own cordless curling wand! This curling wand is portable and powerful. It can add oomph to a basic and pared down look or add that extra something to a look that's more put-together and glam.

The curling wand is a smart beauty tool that punches above its weight, delivering a lot of value and versatility while maintaining affordability!

It's a perfect gift for your stylish and busy mom, sister or best friend! 


 cosmetic fridge

A chill out space for the skincare collector

This is the arguably the most frivolous and most likely to be Instagrammed item: the skincare fridge. If your loved one has a ton of skincare, they probably would appreciate a place to keep their favorites, their overflow or their things they're currently trying out!

A bonus for if you live with your loved one: you can probably get a bit more space out of your real fridge. 

la roche posay skin tracker 

A Fitbit for your face

This tracker from La Roche-Posay pairs with an app (on Google Play and The App Store) to monitor your skin's condition and how its affected by environmental factors, most notably pollution and UV radiation.

Pair this with a moisturizer or sunscreen to round out your gift!


 smart compact mirror

For the woman who carries the kitchen sink in her makeup bag
What better way to touch up than with a smart compact mirror? This sleek compact magnifies your image and gives you the ability to perfect your eyeliner on the go. The USB-powered mirror can toggle between lighting settings to make sure that you never go out with the wrong shade of foundation!

The best part? The mirror comes with an attachment on the back to hold the mirror comfortably in the palm of your hand!

If you have someone who loves to primp at home, this standing mirror from Simplehuman is basically the desktop version of the compact is a wonderful alternative. 


A device that does it all

If your loved one has a Clarisonic, consider getting them one of the attachments. A set of their favourite cleansing heads or a makeup applicator are safe bets that are sure to please!


foreo ufo 

For the mask lover

If they love sheet masks, in theory, but hate the mess or have always wanted to try it but stayed away, this device is for them! The device pairs with your phone and gives you clear directions on what to do. Masking takes a few minutes, compared to the normal 20 minutes, but delivers the same results! Throw in a mask or two to complete the gift!

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