5 places it pays to be unplugged

5 places it pays to be unplugged

October 17, 2019

A modern woman is always on the move! And wherever she may be, a bunch of cords and wires trail behind her.

You've probably got more cords and dongles than you need. Why should you tether yourself to one more cord? Or worse, a power outlet?

Going wireless is the answer! You've probably got wireless headphones, why not try a cordless curling wand? Our cordless curling wand holds a charge for about 40 minutes. That's enough time for a few touch-ups or a full styling session or two!

Two or three hours is all it takes for a full charge. Whether you charge it at night or at work, prepare to leave the cord behind!


curling your hair at home


Fighting for outlets and mirror space? Going cord-free can come in clutch for those times you can't be tethered to one place, fighting for space in front of the bathroom mirror or are rushing through your morning routine.

Dorms don't have nearly enough power outlets or space in general. Free up some of the cords that are permanently attached to your outlets. There are better uses, like charging your phone or battery packs!


styling your hair at work


Whether you’re touching up for an afternoon presentation or a client meeting, refresh your look in the office bathroom. The corner office waits for no one!

Stash our cordless curling wand in your work tote or in your filing cabinet with a heat sleeve. Bring the power adapter with you to charge at work. You never know when you might need to use it, like in an impromptu Skype meeting! The titanium barrel is quick to heat up, making touch-ups doable even within a 15-minute break.

Complete your mini salon experience with miniatures of hair spray and dry shampoo and you’ll be set for work!


styling your hair at the gym


Lunch break workouts are great! Or maybe you’re an early bird and workouts before you go to work is more your style. However you exercise, make sure to bring your unplugged beauty cordless curling wand along for the ride.


styling your hair on the go


On the move and can’t primp before you leave? Getting ready at your event venue is a breeze and, with our curling iron, you’ll have the red carpet hair to match!

Whether it’s a performance, wedding or after work event–our curling wand will come in clutch!


traveling with your curling iron


Packing is a breeze, even if it's just a spur of the moment weekend with your girlfriends. Our cordless curling wand is approximately 13"–the same width as your laptop! It will fit inside your carry-on luggage, backpack or tote. And it's carry-on friendly and dual voltage!

Whether your Airbnb is short on outlet space or just has them in inconvenient spots, the solution is to go cordless!

Simply charge it before you leave and take the wand if you're on a short trip or bring the whole thing with you.

Don't forget the adapters, if you're going somewhere international! And bring a heat resistant protective sleeve!

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