15 minutes to fresh faced: an easy makeup look for the perpetually time-strapped

15 minutes to fresh faced: an easy makeup look for the perpetually time-strapped

October 15, 2019

On the way out the door and you're looking like you just rolled out of bed? Well, not after this post!

Follow our tips, and you can hit snooze a few more times–or five–and still look great!

Spoiler alert: this look is an easy makeup look. If you want something glamorous, you'll have to hone that look with trial and error or take your makeup bag on the road for touch-ups.

The good news? This look is easily buildable! The bonus? Our cordless curling wand can travel with you! Wilting waves? Not on our watch!


skin care


Splash your face with some water, apply moisturizer, and lip balm. Unplug your cordless curling wand.

A fully charged curling wand can be used for 40 minutes–way longer than the 15 minutes you have to spare!

Turn on your curling wand to your preferred temperature. Our cordless curling wand can go from 200-400ºF. Spritz heat protecting spray on your hair while you wait for the wand to heat up.


apply makeup


Apply sunscreen and groom your brows before you begin!

Emphasize one area for your easy makeup look. Choose from highlight, blush, or bronzer for your cheeks. Lips can go bold or eyes can couple eyeliner with a basic eye look. A full-face will take more than 15 minutes–unless you've developed ninja makeup skills to make up for chronic time management issues!

Make sure each element of your look–hair, makeup, clothes–complements each other. If you want to focus on your eyes, pin some hair back or do a half-up, half-down look.

Pin hair back to start on makeup. Avoid a cakey, overly done face by doing this in an area well-lit by a window. Use a light foundation to even out mild imperfections. 

If you need more coverage, replace the foundation with concealer. Dab concealer onto areas of redness, undereye circles, and blemishes. Diffuse with a damp sponge and set with powder.

If you're going for an updo or bun, use your cordless curling wand to curl some face-framing strands.

For waves, section your hair off and start curling. If you have more time, do your whole head and create curls or waves closer to the scalp.

Running out of time? Opt for a half-do and curl the loose strands. If you still want to create waves around your whole head, keep the curls loose, and focus on creating waves starting from mid-length.


apply lipgloss

Go for a bold lip color if you've left the rest of your face pretty bare. Try a gloss or tinted lip balm if you’ve emphasized your eyes.

Put the finishing touches on your look. Apply finishing powder, mascara, or perfume. Clean up areas where makeup or hair looks a bit sloppy.

If your waves came out too tight, lightly tease them for the beach waves you crave. Set your finished look with hairspray.

Don’t forget to grab a snack on the way out if you haven't eaten breakfast!


beachy waves

Out the door! The day waits for no one!

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