February 20, 2020

Valentine's Day might be over, but love isn't restricted to just one month! Self-care is always in!


Try our self-care ideas to take care of yourself into the rest of the year and beyond!

  1. Dress up.

Step up your game any day, every day–even on an ordinary day. Our cordless curling wand, paired with clothes that make you feel great, can be a great mood booster to your work or school day!

  1. Book your next vacation now–and prep in the meantime!

Save money on tour packages and flights by booking early; you save yourself a lot of stress too. More importantly, anticipation might be the best part of your holiday.

Daydreaming about your holiday doesn't need to be kept to off-duty hours. Keep that good mood going through your work day and sport some beach waves or loose curls before your holiday!

Our cordless curling wand can get you that look in under 30 minutes! Brush out your waves, add in a little hairspray and it'll feel like you're one step closer to relaxing on the beach sipping a cocktail!

  1. Learn a skill.

Whether it's learning a new language, how to code or how to take the perfect photo, improving yourself can boost your happiness and even make you money!

  1. Meal prep.

A little foresight and planning can go a long way for you to eat better, save money and save time!

  1. Have a life admin day.

One of those adulting secrets no one tells you about is the life admin day. Take a day to knock all the things you've been putting off: errands, to-dos and projects.

How often you do a life admin day is up to you. If you find yourself struggling on admin days, think of the weight lifted off your shoulders when everything's in order!

  1. Take a nap.

Get in enough shuteye and consider this permission to cat nap!

  1. Reach out to a friend.

Invite a few friends to a movie night, go out for a cool dinner or stay in and have a nice chat!

  1. Declutter.

A calm environment encourages a calm mind and vice versa. Make sure all your spaces make you feel welcome and that you have everything on hand!

  1. Step away from the screen.

Hit pause on scrolling through Instagram. Your eyes and your mental health will thank you!

  1. Spend time outside.

Walk, garden or work out–rain or shine!

  1. Be a plant mom.

There are plants for every environment and every level of care, even if you consider yourself the Grim Reaper for plants!

  1. Take up a hobby.

Or volunteer for a cause you love.

  1. Exercise.

Get those endorphins pumping! The best exercise is whatever you can stick with and have the most fun doing!

  1. Do what you love every day.

Have something you love? Create time to do whatever your passion is! You won't regret it!



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